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Insurance is vital for the people and things we care about. Why is having quality Home and Auto insurance so important? The simple answer is for protection. You want to protect your possessions and yourself, or your passengers if something unpredictable happens. B&B Insurance is here to deliver that cheap, reliable car and home insurance coverage for you. We provide coverage for your home, caravan, RV, travel trailer, commercial, renters, and life insurance. Affordable, reliable coverage, and 10 locations in the Rio Grande Valley ready to answer any questions you may have. Our locations include Mission, McAllen, Edinburg, Pharr, Weslaco, Alton, and a few other sites. Check our locations tab to find one near you. We work with our customers to provide the best coverage at an affordable price. We also offer discounts to lower your premium if you meet certain requirements.
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A Multi-line Insurance Agency

Our homes and the things in them are large investments. With how unpredictable mother nature can be it’s a smart easy decision to get insured. In South Texas we are no stranger to extreme weather. Floods, high winds, hail and more; It’s always a good idea to stay ahead of those types of incidents. Same for your car insurance; high winds can make a tree branch come tumbling down onto your car. With car insurance we help you get your car back in driving condition as soon as possible. Accidents happen and when they do you want to be prepared. Hospital bills and fixing your car can become a lot of money from your pockets. We can help lighten that load when you are insured through us. B&B Insurance is a multi-line Insurance Agency; Meaning we offer all types of Insurance policies. We also offer discounts when you have multiple insurance policies with us. Another policy we offer is Commercial Insurance. This insurance policy is to help protect your business and assets. This one is just as important as home insurance; some might even say more, since it is your source of income you are protecting. Commercial insurance can help protect you from a variety of risks including injuries, mistakes or even property damage. Of equal importance we also offer Life Insurance. We have many different types of coverages for this Insurance; Term Life Insurance often being the most affordable coverage. You may not be sure if you need permanent, whole or term life insurance. Not to worry; Our highly informed agents can answer all the questions you may have. We want nothing more than to help you save money while also gaining peace of mind. Fill out our contact form for a free insurance quote today. Please also feel free to visit any of our office locations for assistance. B&B Insurance has you covered!

Cheap Car Insurance

Providing the Best Insurance coverage
at the Best Prices
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We Got You Covered!

B & B Insurance provides insurance coverage for home, caravan, travel trailer, RV insurance and renters insurance.
We provide insurance coverage for Cars, Truck, Motorcycles & ATVs.

Affordable coverage you want with 10 locations to serve you in the Rio Grande Valley. Take a look at all the different vehicle coverage B&B Insurance has to offer. We welcome you to fill out our contact form for a free quote today!

Renew your Motor Vehicle Registration

Saving money on your insurance is easy. Now we can even renew your vehicle registration for you.

Discounts help lower your premium. You might be able to get a discount if you have:

  • airbags, antilock brakes, and antitheft devices in your car;
  • completed a defensive driving or a driver education course;
  • more than one car on a policy;
  • other policies with the same insurance company; and
  • no claims and a good driving record.

cheap car insurance Vehicle Coverage checklist. Complete checklist of motor vehicle coverage. Download, complete and bring by our office. Download

cheap insurance Home Coverage checklist. Complete checklist of home coverage. Download, complete and bring by our office. Download.

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Auto Insurance

Providing insurance coverage for cars, truck, motorcycles & ATV’s. We provide for private and commercially owned vehicles.


Your home is most likely your life's biggest investment! Get the right coverage with B&B Insurance today.


Protect your business and assets with the most reliable and affordable coverage! Check out what B&B Insurance has to offer.

Term, Whole Life

B&B Insurance offers Health Insurance, Term & Whole Life Insurance. Universal Life and Liquor Liability Insurance also available.

We Have 9 Locations...With One Near You

Financial well-being of Every Homeowner

Our home is usually the biggest investment that most of us have; having insurance is essential to the financial well-being of every homeowner.

Insurance coverage for mobile and manufactured homes is usually similar to a standard homeowners policy, offering coverage for the home, your personal property and liability claims. The two basic types of coverage typically included in mobile home insurance policies are for physical damage and personal liability.
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Commercial & Garage Insurance

Take a look at the Commercial Insurance B&B Insurance has to offer. Protect your business and assets with the most reliable and affordable coverage!

Small businesses in the auto trade need garage insurance to protect them from a variety risks. Things like injuries, mistakes or property damage could result in lawsuits that lead to damaging judgments against you.

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